These are some Key visual examples I was working on for the Gaulises tobacco brand. Client: GauloisesAgency: BBDO/Proximity


That was a funny Job for the liquor brand Lakritzel. Client: Lakritzel

2160 Anno Domini

When I have time, I love to create illustrations just for fun. On this case, I was playing around with colours and adding some title […]


Illustrations for the german magazine HeimatDesign issue 7. Find more information at Publishers: Heimatdesign

Lego Nexo

Presenting here a serie of illustrations I did for the Lego serie Nexo. Some other examples you will find right here. Publishers: Blue Ocean Entertainment […]

Lego Star Wars

Hope you like this selection of my Lego Star-Wars illustrations. Publishers: Blue Ocean Entertainment AG

Lego + Marvel comics

I did also some Illustrations for Lego and Marvel comics. Publishers: Blue Ocean Entertainment AG

Lego + DC comics

These are some of the illustrations I did for Lego and DC comics. More examples at Behance. Publishers: Blue Ocean Entertainment AG

El hombre Pulpo

Inspired in Lovecrafts world, I have created «El hombre pulpo» (The octopus man), using a mixed technique with 3D and digital paint.

In-Spirit / Winzer Brause

Illustartions for In-Spirit. You give us the night and we’ll give you the Client: In-spirit